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Foreigner introduction business

Foreigner introduction business

Advanced skills of foreign residents

"Relationship" focuses on matching foreigners who wish to work in a Japanese company with companies that want to hire highly qualified foreign employees. Our company provides more than 200 highly skilled people who can speak Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean languages.These highly skilled foreign staff mostly work at resort hotels and major duty free shops.

We do not just perform simple job matching, in addition we introduce employee to the employer after properly evaluating career orientation such as Japanese proficiency, business manners, comprehension degree of Japanese society.

Also, in order to help employee establish in work environment, we regularly visit foreign temporary staff even after recruiting. We provide not only mental support but also various things regarding real life in Japan such as visa renewal procedure, various insurance procedures, bank account opening and etc.

Recruitment services for foreign students

We do business tie-ups with Japanese language schools in Japan and perform matching of excellent foreign students of those schools who wish to work in Japanese companies and companies willing to hire foreign students. We also provide scholarship system. We create environment where you can concentrate on study and work.

We have our own dormitory

We are fully equipped with our own dormitory (Spasiba Oroku), so that everyone of foreign staff can relax and work and live. Everyday items are also fulfilling in each room, so we are preparing to start a safe life even if you enter the bag one.

Procedure of becoming foreign recruit

Step1 Discussion of work requirements, working conditions,
profile of candidate,skills and work location.
Step2 Options: advanced skilled foreign residents and foreign recruits
Step3 Submit CV (resume)
Step4 Introduction to human resources (selection on the basis of resume)
Step5 Contract with Staffing Agency
Step6 Pre-employment training(Japanese manners, etiquette) ※Apply for visa
Step7 Start of work
Step8 Special Coordinator regularly follows recruit after career orientation and keeps company informed.
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